Monday, February 14, 2011

Jaggery (Gur) - Health Benefits

Molasses Sugar is a natural and viable option. Where sugar is produced by chemical processes such as molasses is derived from sugarcane juice. It's the safest and purest form of sugar and molasses do not contain any chemicals receives process Gur is very clean and the manufacturing process requires no human intervention. It is full of protein; minerals and vitamins present in refined sugar and salts are highly nutritious and delicious. In fact, it has all the nutrients present in the cane price. This sugar is used in place of many Indian dishes. We take a look at some of its many health benefits:

Healthy eating health food choice Jaggery

We like to eat foods defines how healthy we are. Many choices can make one when it comes to choosing the right food. However due to changing lifestyle, people select foods is to look at. In other words, many people well presented organic healthy foods rather than eat fast food like. Naturally, when we eat unhealthy food, we overweight, developing diabetes, heart (CHD) disease, to name a few. However, in choosing the right food can help us now to be happy by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
Many kinds of organic foods available in the market. Consumption of food items in a regular restraint good health can benefit. One such food item is molasses.


Gur or sugar, while a pure, wholesome, traditional, unrefined, all traditionally made from sugar cane juice. Molasses protein, vitamins, minerals, sucrose glucose, and very rich. In addition, molasses is a good source of many iron and copper. Also considered is the purest form of sugar molasses. Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean regions to the public at large sweet dish is ready it for the unique flavor of food and offers rich material to use molasses.

Fitness-to-energy diet

Interestingly, molasses complex carbohydrate that is digested and absorbed slowly. In addition, the gradual release of energy and heat energy provides for a longer period. For the fitness buffs can be a good food supplement.

Health benefits

Jaggery is the ability to cleanse the body. Moreover, our body acts as a cleaning agent and effectively molasses respiratory tracts, food pipe, lungs, stomach and intestines clean. It helps the body to get rid of unwanted particles. In addition, molasses strong antioxidant properties and damage caused by free radicals protects our body cells. Indeed, the city it extremely cost-effective cleaning process for the benefit to your body free of harmful substances.

Strengthen the nervous system

Molasses strengthen our nervous system AIDS. It helps to relax muscles and provides relief from fatigue. Interestingly, the molasses in the cells of our body's acid balance, and to maintain combat acid, and helps control our blood pressure. Since molasses is rich in iron, it helps to prevent anemia. Because of its anti-allergic properties, molasses highly asthma patients may help. The blood pure and rheumatic afflictions and biliary disorders and treatment prevents jaundice.